Learning Reps in UNISON initial basic training offer


Next Learning Rep Course  is 1 day a week for 3 weeks starting 17th February 2016 in Manchester. Talk to Tom for more details 07817121628

OLBA - On line Branch Accounts training


If you need OLBA training - register now on our waiting list for a course in the new year

Development and Support for UNISON Reps November 2015

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Leadership School 6-8 November 2015

Leadership_15.jpgThe Mechanics Institute in Manchester was the venue for this years Regional Leadership School - 35 people attended the event - There were speakers on a variety of topics

  • Jeremy Waddington, Manchester Business School - on the future for UNISON and the Trade Union Bill
  • Joanna Mack - Breadline Britain - www.poverty.ac.uk
  • Neil McInroy, CLES - Devolution and the Northern power house
  • David Owen - Palestine Educational Institution
  • John Hilary, War on Want - TTIP

Teresa and Dale - two of the delegates Leadership_Teresa_and_Dale.jpg

Mentoring Course well attended

Participants from both Health Care and Local Government Branches attended along with some Fighting Fund Organisers - it was a really good mix - click on the link to see pictures and quotes - Gregg, Rhonda, Tony, James and Tracey enjoyed the course too 'Mentoring new Stewards - the essence of unified organising!' Mentoring is a two way Street 'I Love UNISON training - Mentoring New Stewards'  - Phil


Branch Officer Development Programme October 2015

22 people attended the latest course in the programme 5-9 October at Arena Point -

Here is Rabia with Kevin Duffy one of the tutors


Dave and Billy - what a combo !Learning3_-_two_faces.jpg


and some of our delegates from health care Joe, Ian and Sally



Blended Training Course a Big Hit for School Stewards in Manchester

Nearly 20 new reps are active in schools across Manchester following an innovative blended training course combining classroom learning and online training.
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Tom – our new Learning Organiser

Dear colleagues, I have just started in the role of Learning Organiser for the region.
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Apprentice Nicola plays her cards right!

When UNISON Bury Local Govt branch ULR coordinator Roger Pakeman, UNISON Regional Learning Organiser Steve Swift and Unionlearn’s Mark Rowe revisited Bury Council apprentices to update their skills checks with Value My Skills cards, Nicola Shaw realised the possibilities in the cards. She asked for her own set and has since done skills checks with her mum and a friend’s seven year old daughter; this is just the beginning as she plans to use them with colleagues at work too.
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Apprentices are everybody's business!

Following on from the work done with apprentices at Bury Council which was featured in a Unionlearn report for Government, UNISON ULR lead Roger Pakeman and Unionlearn Apprentice Lead Mark Rowe met with Bury Council apprentices to offer a skills check.

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