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Frequently asked questions by Branches

Can people attend courses without completing an application form authorised by the branch?

A lot of courses we advertise are free to UNISON members – that is there are no registration fees payable by the branch. In these circumstances we do not always require authorised application forms. We do require those attending to give us their membership number prior to the course. After the course we are then able to contact the Branch Education Coordinator to let them know who has attended from their branch – for follow up purposes.

Where can I download a course application form?

Click on the Courses page then click on ‘Book on a Course’ and you will find the link half way down the page to DOWNLOAD an application form. 

What happens when a person ‘expresses an interest’ in a scheduled course with dates set?

When expressing an interest in a course people using the website are asked to give us their branch and membership number. We check their details, thank them for their interest and attach an application form for them to complete and have authorised by the branch before sending it back.

Sometimes you just ask us for names and membership numbers of those who want to attend – without us having to complete forms – what’s that about?

During holiday periods (especially Christmas and New Year) or if we are very near the closing date for applications it is sometimes difficult for branches to ensure all those attending get a form, complete it and get it back to the branch in time to guarantee a place. On these infrequent occasions we allow an email list of names and membership numbers sent to us from an appropriate branch officer to act in lieu of authorised application forms.

How do I know what courses are available?

Click on Courses then Course Catalogue – all our courses are listed there. Click on the title you are interested in and you will be taken through to another page giving brief details of course content then a schedule of events.   

Please do not hesitate to enquire about any other aspects of our Learning and Organising service

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