Lay Tutors

Lay Tutors

This introductory course on tutoring methods is aimed primarily at branch activists who want to use education methods to run organising focused branch based training for members.

You will need to complete both this course and the UNISON ‘Equalities for Tutors’ course to become a UNISON lay tutor.


On completing this course you will understand:

  • Teaching and learning approaches appropriate for trade union education.
  • How to run a simple group-based activity.
  • How equality and diversity issues relate to learners’ needs in an educational setting.
  • How learners benefit from a group learning process.
  • How tutoring knowledge and skills can engage branch activists around union organising.
  • How to develop their tutoring skills and knowledge.

Reflecting on what you learn from each activity of this course as you work through it is a valuable way of reinforcing your learning and a Learning Journal is provided to record your thoughts and ideas.

The course is run as a 3 day block

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