Jobs Blow at University of Bolton

The jewel in the crown of Bolton’s education system has announced plans for major reductions in the workforce. University of Bolton management have revealed their intention to make 92 of their staff redundant which equates to 15% of the total workforce.

Theresa Griffin, UNISON’s North West Lead Organiser for Higher Education said:

This is nothing short of a scandal. In addition to the catastrophic effect on the individual staff and their families it will also have a real and tangible negative effect on the local economy. Just about everybody knows somebody who works at the university and these staff spend in the local community. There will be a knock on effect throughout Bolton.

Over recent years the University has fought to expand work on an international basis but we believe this has led to reduced opportunities for local Bolton people.

Even at this stage UNISON is hoping that local reaction to their plans will result in the employer withdrawing their proposals and going back to the drawing board.

We believe the trade unions have an important and valuable role to play in working with the employer to grow the business and expand the student base.

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