Sign our petition for fair pay in our NHS

NHS workers have been through 5 years of pay freezes and pay caps. It’s had a massive impact on the living standards of healthcare staff, and most are now at least 10% worse off than when the government came to power in 2010.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 20.24.59 1Now George Osborne has announced that the NHS pay cap will be extended yet again. Pay increases will be capped at 1% this year, with a loophole meaning that 60% of staff in England won’t even get that. It’s just not enough for NHS staff to meet the rising cost of living.

The cost of energy, transport and housing is soaring but wages are just not keeping up. As it stands, over 20,000 workers in the NHS are paid less than the Living Wage. This is harming NHS workers and their families. It’s taking wages out of local economies, where the NHS is often a major employer, and will make it hard for our NHS services to recruit and retain good staff. Not to mention the impact on patient care as morale drops ever lower.

This announcement is in effect a £296million cut to the NHS, with staff picking up the bill. NHS workers’ pay has decreased in value by around 10% since 2010.

While pay prospects may be improving more broadly as the economy gradually picks up, paramedics, nurses, medical secretaries, doctors, porters, physiotherapists, health care assistants, receptionists, scientists and other healthcare staff are seeing no benefits from the recovery that George Osborne is talking up.

Please help keep the pressure on George Osborne by signing our petition to lift the cap and allow a fairer pay increase for NHS staff.

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