Health and Safety Committee

Every year, thousands of people suffer accidents and ill-health at work – most of which could be avoided. Unions and health and safety laws save and protect lives. But many more could be protected from harm if health and safety laws were better enforced. We are campaigning for a new way of working, one that guarantees every worker a safe and healthy workplace.

The North West Regional Health and Safety Committee is a focal point of Health and Safety work in the region. Members of the committee are elected from Regional Council each year and the committee meets three times a year.

UNISON safety rep: the best job available

UNISON has over 7,000 safety activists across the UK who are committed to making our workplaces safer. We know things would be far worse without them. Workplaces with union safety reps are twice as safe.

Listen to activists stating why they became safety reps and find out more.

Workers Memorial Day – 28th April

Information on Workers Memorial Day and events in the North West can be found here.

Regional Health and Safety Seminar

The committee organise an annual Health and Safety Seminar. Find out more here.

More Information

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Committee Contact Details

Joan McNulty (Chair)
Telephone: 07977 517595
Email: [email protected]