Become an Equality Rep

Is fairness at work important to you?

If so, you might be interested in finding out more about becoming a UNISON new equality representative role.

These new reps are workplace-based (like health and safety or union learning reps) and work with other representatives and UNISON branches to make our workplaces fairer by promoting respect and dignity at work.

Being an equality rep gives you the chance to work with other UNISON members who also believe in fairness at work.

Your role will include:

  • improving equality policies and agreements
  • finding out about good practice and sharing success stories
  • promoting equality in the workplace and the union
  • keeping updated with current legislation
  • working with other reps and the branch to ensure fairness and dignity in the workplace.

Why is this such an important role?

Equality is at the heart of everything UNISON does because:

  • many of us face discrimination and unfairness at work
  • equality matters to every one of us
  • equality is not a minority issue or an optional extra.

What training will I get?

UNISON has developed a three day course specifically for our equality reps. The course covers UNISON’s approach to equalities, legislation and how you can make a difference.

To become an equality rep contact your branch.

To find out about attending the UNISON equality reps course contact your regional education team.

Click here for more information from our National Website.