Lifelong Co-Ordinator

A branch with a number of learning representatives working as a team, led by a co-ordinator, can ensure that learning representatives are accountable and involved in the branch; that learning is high on the branch’s agenda and linked into its organising, bargaining and equalities work; and can provide a clear progression route for learning representatives who want to become more involved in other aspects of branch activity.

Tasks relating to the post of branch lifelong learning co-ordinator:

  • to work closely with the branch education Co-ordinator (the same person may take on both roles.
  • to co-ordinate the activity of learning representatives in the branch education team
  • to work with colleagues to recruit new learning representatives
    l to be closely involved in negotiating around learning with the employer
  • to co-ordinate and disseminate information on learning opportunities in the branch
  • to ensure that the work of learning representatives is fully integrated into the branch.

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