International Officer

Tasks relating to the post of international officer:

  • to co-ordinate the branch’s work on international relations
    l to ensure that branch members are informed of national policy on international matters
  • to receive and distribute relevant information
  • to encourage members to be aware of the importance of international solidarity issues within the context of the overall work of the union
  • to liaise where appropriate with regional international structures and to ensure that the views of the branch on international activities are reported appropriately
  • to liaise with other branch officers concerning publicity and education on international issues
  • to liaise with the solidarity organisations and campaigns that UNISON is affiliated to
  • to encourage members of the branch to take action and participate in international solidarity activities organised nationally or regionally
  • to ensure that information on branch activity is shared at regional and national level
  • to seek to develop an international perspective among members, stewards and branch officers.