Finance for the Organising Branch

This course is designed for Branch Treasurers and members who are interested in the role of branch finances.


The course runs for two days and involves individual activities, group work and discussion as well as finding out information from your employer and outside sources. It is NOT designed to make the learner a ‘financial expert’ but to introduce them to some of the key issues facing individuals, the trade union and the employing organisation. In particular, the course aims to help the learner to: 

  • Understand branch finances
  • Work with the branch to establish transparency in financial transactions
  • Develop protocols for budget setting and procurement
  • Develop a budgeting framework
  • Understand the role of budgeting and organising within a framework of UNISON’s objectives
  • To enable branch treasurers to promote an organising union through branch budgeting

Another aim of this course, for UNISON, is to develop a new layer of activism amongst members, which introduces organising around finance.



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