Feeding Fat Cats


A Government proposal threatens to deny those who are injured from getting legal support and fair compensation.  The Government is denying people justice and instead prioritising Feeding Fat Cats in the insurance industry.      

Currently, if you are injured anywhere – including at work - and if it’s not your fault, any legal fees are paid by the person responsible for your injuries. 

But the Government’s proposal would mean that most (80%) of claims would be heard in the small claims court – where claimants cannot recover their legal costs. 

If you are a victim of injury you would have to pay for the legal help that you need from your compensation or fight the insurers on your own.

Denying injured people access to fair compensation is likely to make our workplaces more dangerous. 

It’s not too late.  We are expecting an announcement from the Government in April. 

Please sign the petition to initiate a debate in the House of Commons at: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/173099

And visit www.feedingfatcats.co.uk for more information about the issue and campaign. 

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