Exam board slashes jobs, risking delays and mistakes in GCSE and A-level results

Manchester-based exam board AQA plans to cut staffing levels by a third in functions that ensure students’ GCSE and A-level grades are calculated correctly.

The cuts threaten delays in students getting their grades and more grading errors.

A long-standing member of staff said:

“We all believe that this reduction in staff and the support they provide will have a significant impact on the delivery of GCSE and A-level results in 2014. There will be longer waits and more mistakes, as a result of staff no longer monitoring results, and not having enough time to check for errors.”

“If they take away the staff running the systems which generate exam results for students across the country, how do AQA expect to be able to deliver next year’s exams and qualifications? They’re not just affecting the future of staff here, they’re messing with the futures of thousands of children.”

“Staff in the affected areas have given over 700 years of combined service to AQA, we never expected just to be thrown on the scrap heap just before Christmas.”

Theresa Griffin, UNISON Regional Organiser said:

“AQA are rushing ahead with changes that will undermine the exam board’s ability to deliver rigorous, multifaceted exams in the future. The haphazard cuts will alter the way our examination system is written, designed and marked, leaving no hope of a return to a coursework and modular based system.”

“AQA are responding in a knee-jerk way to Michael Gove’s latest whim, and are throwing away their organisation’s capacity to deliver for students.”

“We are calling on AQA to stop this unnecessary and reckless rush towards redundancies.”



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