European Health and Safety Week

European Health and Safety week begins on Monday 21 October 2013. The theme for the week this year is Working Together for Risk Prevention – through leadership and worker participation. This recognises three important facts;

  • Workplaces with genuine joint working on health and safety are better at identifying, managing, and finding solutions to workplace hazards.
  • Workplaces with active involved trade union safety reps are safer and healthier.
  • Workplaces which have the leadership positively supporting health and safety from the top also perform better.

UNISON members are safer and healthier in workplaces with active safety reps;

  • You can use this week to jointly work with the employer on health and safety concerns. Health and safety is important to members, it’s important to UNISON, and it’s important to the local community.
  • Achieve on health and safety – ¬†make the workplace safer for you and others.
  • Safety reps – meet and speak with your members and potential members.
  • Members and potential members – raise your concerns about workplace health and safety hazards.
  • Campaign for properly funded, publicly-provided local services – challenging the cuts protects the service, the jobs, and the health and safety of workers and others.
  • Recruit and organise against the spending cuts and the attack on jobs and health and safety¬†- there is safety in numbers.

The week includes TUC national inspection day on Wednesday 23 October 2013 and UNISON is encouraging all Health and Safety Reps to conduct a workplace inspection on this day.

For more details on how to get involved and other useful information see the UNISON National Website.

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