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Why are trade unions relevant to young people?  Where young people are part of a workforce represented by a trade union they get a better deal, including improved pay and career opportunities, and are less at risk from exploitation, accidents and injury compared to young workers in non-unionised workplaces. That’s why our priority is to recruit and support more young members.

Why join UNISON?  With almost 65,000 young members and rising, UNISON wants young members to work together and organise to win improved working conditions and pay, campaign for better rights and actively challenge inequality. Young members have a loud voice within UNISON and are an integral part of what we do.

North West Region Young Members Forum – UNISON in the North West has an active Young Members Forum which meets regularly to discuss issues of common concern and interest to young members (aged 26 and under). Branches in the region are able to nominate two young members from their branch to attend. Meetings are friendly and informal; they are an opportunity to get involved in shaping the union and making sure young members have their voice heard. Travel expenses to attend meetings will be reimbursed.

Young Members Officers – UNISON has over 9,200 Young Members in the North West Region and every branch can have its own Young Members Officer. A branch Young Member’s Officer is the ideal role for someone who is interested in becoming active, or becoming a steward, and wants to learn more about what is involved. Branch young members officers can have a more informal role than stewards or safety reps and can operate as part of a network supporting an elected steward. Like stewards they have access to some benefits from UNISON, including • regular UNISON information • involvement in branch work • some training courses • advice on dealing with workplace problems.

Young Members Resources

Read About the North West Young Members’ Forum

Next Meeting

Regional Young Members Forum:

  • Wednesday 10 December – 4.30-6.30pm (Arena Point, Manchester)

Regional Young Members Contact

Becky Lumberg
0161 661 6775
[email protected]

Young Members Regional Chair

Max Darby ([email protected])

UNISON Young Members On the March

Young members from the North West took part in the ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ march and rally in October.  Young people are especially hard hit by low pay and austerity so it’s vital that our voice is heard. 

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