Why Challenging Racism is so important

Racism has been described by a leading UNISON activist in this region who experienced it at school as “the cowardly politics of the school bully” , as like “being bullied every day by everyone”.Blaming minorities for all our problems is not just cowardly, but it lets people with real power to improve things off the hook.      

UNISON rejects racism at all levels. We stand up to those with power and influence to find real solutions to our members’ problems. We also reject the divisiveness of racists that would weaken the unity we need to defend and improve members’ terms and conditions.

As racism is arbitrary unfair treatment, the very thing UNISON and other unions were founded to challenge for all workers , it is unthinkable that we would do other than oppose it in all its forms and at all levels.

We have also found that the lessons learned from challenging racism can be applied to benefit all workers. Challenging discrimination against women, disabled workers, and on the basis of age, challenging bullying or low pay can benefit all workers at some stage of their lives, and pioneering work against racism helps us develop our strategies to fight all inequality.

UNISON unreservedly campaigns against such unfair discrimination and stands for full equality and fairness for all.

How UNISON challenges racism

“Challenging Racism in the Workplace” initiative is aimed at ensuring that racism is rooted out in the workplace, rather than being ignored until things are so bad only the law can help. This is to be done by negotiating policies and procedures with employers Also building equality of treatment to the operation of the union at all levels, in all work places. Although UNISON will use the full power of the law to protect people, we want anti-racism built into the practises in every workplace.

click here for more information from our national webisite on UNISON’s Challenging Racism campaign. 

Who to Contact

Dion Baugh
Telephone: 0161 661 6748
Email: [email protected]