Stop the BNP & Anti-Fascism – Opposing the Politics of Hate

UNISON North West is proud to challenge the extremism of the far right which threatens hatred and division in our communities. We do this because we care about the communities we serve as public service workers. We have seen the consequences of the politics of hate in the 2001 disturbances in Oldham and Burnley in 2001.

We have worked hard in both areas to help put things back together, and to resist the spread of hatred elsewhere in the North West.

We see blaming minorities for everything as a cowardly substitute for challenging those with real power to address the real problems with which we deal every day.

However, this campaign is a ‘bread and butter’ matter for UNISON. We are only as strong as our members. Our influence to get the better terms and conditions our members deserve depends on our having high and growing membership.

To exclude people from membership on the grounds of race, or other arbitrary reasons would give a green light to bad employers to squeeze unions out and just employ, and exploit, those that the far right would have us abandon. The far right are not just enemies of those they hate, they are the enemies of all workers.

In the NHS and other key services that have depended on migrant labour from abroad, due to chronic skill shortages, it would be suicidal for UNISON not organise all workers. Whilst BNP policies would cause these services to collapse if people they target are driven out.

If the far right become main stream, we believe extreme anti-union policies will result. The extremists hate unions like UNISON with a vengeance as we stand up for workers of all back grounds and deny them the chance to divide people.

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Who to Contact

Jason Hunter
Telephone: 0161 661 6728
Email: [email protected]