Energy in the North West

The energy service group is made up of members who work in the electricity and gas industries. The electricity and gas service groups merged to form the energy service group in June 2001, and the energy service group executive elections were held for the second time in 2006.

The Electricity Industry

UNISON’s electricity members include everyone from clerical and administrative staff to senior managers.

We have a large membership in call centres including customer service representatives, team leaders and call centre managers. Other members work in billing and data processing, finance, payroll, human resources, facilities management, procurement and logistics, meter reading, debt collection, information technology and administration.

North West Regional Energy Service Group Executive

Members in the energy service group organised in to local branches. Each branch sends delegates to meeting of the regional energy service group, which meets quarterly, to discuss issues across the sector.

Who to Contact

Stephen Dickson (Chair)
Telephone: 0161 865 5008
Email: [email protected]
Paul Summers  (Lead Role)
Telephone: 0161 661 6726
Email: [email protected]
Judith Holt
Administrative Support
Telephone:  0161 661 6712
Email:  [email protected]