The broad 'devolution' agenda is having a growing impact on the work of UNISON in the North West and on our members and communities across the region.  The agenda involves changes in the scale at which decisions are made about the delivery of public services and the pursuit of economic development.  It increases the importance of 'city-regions' and 'combined authorities' as levels of governance and policy-making.         

This page is intended to be a reference resource with access to UNISON documents on the broad issue of devolution.  


Statements and Agreements

UNISON North West Position Statement on Devo Manc, May 2015  

Greater Manchester Protocol for Joint Working on Workforce Matters, December 2015

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership: Workforce Engagement Forum Terms of Reference, August 2016

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership: Principles of Engagement


Employment Charters

North West TUC: A City Region Employment Charter, March 2018 

UNISON Care Charters: information provided to GMCA as part of Good Employer Charter consultation, January 2018  

Responses to Public Consultations on Devolution Plans and Powers

Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Locality Plan, 'Taking Charge', December 2015.  UNISON North West response to the Public Consultation, February 2016

Public consultation on the creation of a Combined Authority in Lancashire, UNISON North West response, February 2016

Public Consultation on the devolved powers in Greater Manchester.  UNISON North West response, May 2016.  

Second public consultation on the devolved powers in Greater Manchester.  UNISON North West response, August 2016

Public consultation on devolved powers in Liverpool City Region.  UNISON North West response, August 2016

Responses to Public Consultations on Environmental Issues

UNISON North West response to Greater Manchester Combined Authority public consultation on Climate Change, December 2015 

UNISON North West response to the public consultation on the Greater Manchester Low Emissions Strategy and Air Quality Action Plan', April 2016  

Responses to Public Consultations on Skills

UNISON North West response to Liverpool City Region public consultation on its draft Skills Strategy. January 2018 


Making the best of devolution

UNISON is engaged in campaign work with civil society groups in promoting our agenda of social justice, quality public services and quality employment.  

In Greater Manchester, UNISON is involved in the People's Plan, an independent public engagement programme.  The People's Plan is holding a series of events and is gathering the views of the people of the city-region through an online survey.  Details are available on the People's Plan website.   

UNISON is also involved in Citizens Greater Manchester.  Citizens organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good. 


Sources of further information

For Greater Manchester, the GMCA's website is the main source for information about upcoming meetings and developments at city-region level. 

In Liverpool City Region, the combined authority's website has some useful information but is aimed primarily at a business audience.  More detailed documents that go before CA meetings are hosted on Knowsley Council's website.   



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