Chairing Skills – an informal workshop

Meetings and Meetings procedure – A framework for a One Hour Session


Topics/ideas which might come up and which would need to be covered

  • How are decisions made at meetings
  • What does ‘move the question be put’ – actually mean
  • Sometimes its better to have a free form discussion rather than a motion lead debate
  • What does ‘Move next business’ actually mean
  • What’s the difference between Chairing and Facilitating
  • Why are ‘Points of Order’ allowed
  • In a motion led debate how should amendments be handled
  • What is a standing order
  • Some people love formality in meetings and some people hate it – how can we make sure the meetings are enjoyed by all participants
  • When a vote is taken there are people who are FOR the motion and those who are AGAINST – what is the third category


Initial DRAFT for a one hour session – say for a branch committee

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