Case Management in the Branch – informal workshop

Template for an informal Workshop for UNISON members and active members 

Title and Description:


Case Management a system for the Branch – exploring how a simple spreadsheet can benefit the branch 

Learning Outcomes:


Understanding of elements which make up a case

Practice on Excel

Awareness of the benefits of case reporting


Timing Suggestions: Circle the most appropriate from the list below 


  • 3 hours √
  • 1 hour
  • 3 x 20 min sessions
  • 4 x 15 min sessions
  • Other, please specify 


Suggested event at which to run the workshop: Circle the most appropriate from the list below 


  • branch development day,√
  • branch committee meeting,
  • branch AGM,
  • branch officer group √
  • Stewards Meeting,
  • Staff side meeting,
  • Other, please specify 


Activities and Facilitator Notes:


Introduction and ground rules

  • Activity 1 – Small Group Discussion about types of cases experienced – large postits and pre-prepared flip charts headed – Grievance – Discipline – Others
  • Activity 2 – What is the subject matter of the case – sort activity using 10 mini cases studies
  • Activity 3 – why do we need to record cases and how would we keep the list up to date
  • Activity 4 – Classifying 5-10 cases on the spread sheet
  • Activity 5 – sorting out practical matters when do we start when to we expect our first report – when should we review the workings of the system
  • Activity 6 – the effects/benefits of having a system for members, for activists, for the employer


Resources Required:10 mini case studies. Flip charts postits pens – Space for group work – access to lap tops or paper equivalents

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