Bury Council Apprentices Talk About Skills With UNISON

Working in partnership, Bury Council and Bury UNISON Local Government branch recently hosted an Apprentice Induction day and devoted the afternoon session to learning and development. Bury branch’s UNISON representative for learning, Roger Pakeman, spoke about both the benefits of joining UNISON and the learning journey that the apprentices will be embarking on.

The event gave the perfect opportunity to show the learning partnership between Bury Council the employer and UNISON branch  - which has recently been cemented by the official signing of a Learning Agreement.  Lead Bury branch ULR Roger Pakeman, Regional Learning Organiser Steve Swift and Mark Rowe from Unionlearn joined Anna Hobson, Organisational Development Advisor in Workforce Planning, to talk about the wide variety of learning and training available from Learning And Organising Services with UNISON.

The apprentices then took part in Value My Skills activity; in groups they took a pack of cards which have competency cards ranging from “very competent” to “underdeveloped” and then had a discussion about which of many job task/skill cards to lay under each heading – a bit like solitaire only much more useful! The activity allowed them to clarify where their skill set may currently be and what further development may be needed and there are plans to come back to use the cards in a few months to check development.

Roger said; “It’s great to speak to people at the beginning of their working journey and show them how important it is to join UNISON, as well as the benefits they will get when they join. The Value My Skills cards gave everyone a chance to have a discussion about what they want to achieve and how they might get there – UNISON can be with them to help every step of the way.”

Anna added; “Thanks very much to UNISON and Unionlearn for coming to do this – we are committed to giving our apprentices every opportunity to progress in Bury council and want to help them as much as we can. The card game is a great activity and one which I was really looking forward to -  I even took a pack away to have a go at home!”

A great event and one we all hope will be repeated regularly. There’s more learning activity coming up around digital inclusion with UNISON and the council in Bury; we’re looking forward to continuing those connections!

Apprentices Using The Skills Cards

Apprentices Using The Value My Skills Cards

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