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Local Government Intensive Activity Fortnight. 25th January – 5th February 2016


Intensive recruitment fortnights have been a key component to the success of the NW Organising and Recruitment Strategy in recent years. They are when Regional staff work in partnership with Branch Officers and Workplace Representatives to re-arrange the usual day-to-day priorities to allow for an intensive period of workplace activity to recruit new members and activists.

Kevin Lucas,  UNISON NW Lead for Organising and Recruitment said:

“When you’re swamped with redundancies, re-organisations, and casework - organising and recruitment can end up at the bottom of the list. But members and activists leave. They retire, they change jobs, they move on. If we are not recruiting new members and activists at the same rate then we are allowing our union to be weakened. The intensive activity fortnights allow us get out there and re-connect with existing members and bring new members and activists into the union.”

“With the challenges we face in 2016 and beyond, these intensive periods of activity have never been more important.  And with ongoing government cuts, the current NJC pay “offer” and the campaign against the Trade Union Bill, there has been plenty to discuss.”

In the first week we have visited over 150 workplaces covered by 15 UNISON Branches right across the North West. From civic centre stalls to school staff meetings and care home visits we are raising our profile and recruiting a steady stream of new members and activists. There is a similar level of activity planned for week 2 and it is not too late to get involved.

If you want to take part in building a stronger UNISON in your workplace then contact your Branch or Regional Organiser or Kevin Lucas at [email protected]

“We know our strength is in our membership.”

Amongst the places with highest levels of activity during the fortnight is Bolton.  Branch Membership Officer Jayne Clarke said:   

"We have found the key to recruitment and organising is mapping the workplace.  We have fantastic stewards and convenors who know their members, where they are based and what the membership density is.  We have a constant presence in the workplace, and put in the work by floor-walking and talking to staff.

“Whatever the campaign or issue, recruitment is at the forefront, because we know our strength is in our membership.”


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