Building a Stronger Union

Oldham-Stall-300x270.jpgNW Regional recruitment for the year stands at 23,800, which is 15% above our previous year to date figure. We have already passed the total 2013 recruitment of 22,400 and are just 1,200 from our 2014 target of 25,000. We are by far the highest recruiting region in UNISON this year and our high levels of recruitment have ensured that we are currently in net gain during 2014.

Recruitment does not take place in a vacuum. North West branches in health, local government and police have organised brilliantly around the national pay disputes. Many members have come forward as stewards and union spokespeople for the first time.

We cannot be complacent but if we continue to prioritise recruitment and organising activity over the next month there is every reason to believe that we can meet our 2014 recruitment target of 25,000 and end the year in net membership growth for the second year running.

We’re operating in a tough environment that is likely to be so for the foreseeable future. That’s why we need a strong union which can make a difference and deliver for members.

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