Branch Organiser: Manchester University Healthcare

Branch Organiser: Manchester University Healthcare


- INTERVIEW DATE:19th November 2019


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Job Title: Branch Organiser

(12 months Manchester-based)

Salary: £36,820p.a. plus £2,736 subsistence allowance

36 Hours Per Week (Flexible working)

About this job

The Branch Organiser post is for a 12 month period. The successful candidate will work across the footprint of UNISON Manchester University Healthcare Branch, both within the core employer (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) and in ancilliary employers in the public, private and voluntary sectors in which members of the branch work. Amongst other duties commensurate with the job description, the role will be to  primarily to assist the branch with:

  • Building sustainable union organisation, including through the recruitment of members and the recruitment, training and development of stewards. This will include mentoring and shadowing stewards with casework and organising/campaigning activity
  • The strategic development and execution of the branch’s core campaigns in line with the branch’s collective bargaining priorities
  • Building union capacity, recognition and collective bargaining in employers where UNISON does not currently have established recognition arrangements, including in the private and voluntary sectors.
  • Supporting branch communications
  • Undertaking individual and collective casework to support members in public, private and voluntary sector employers

The postholder will ultimately be responsible to the UNISON Manchester University Healthcare Branch Secretary

Predominantly the postholder will work within normal operating hours Monday to Friday. However, flexibility is essential and primarily  needs to meet the requirements of the Branch. The post holder may be required to travel outside of the Manchester area, within reason, when required, at the discretion of the Branch Secretary.

The successful candidate will bring their experience and skills in one to one representation, communications, recruitment, organising and campaigning. To undertake this role you will need to be able to demonstrate experience and knowledge of the Trade Union and Labour movement. Previous experience of representation, as a recruiter, organiser and campaigner within a TU branch or within a similar organisation is desirable.

As mentioned above, you will  need to be prepared to travel within and across the Greater Manchester area as well as across the region, or other, in order to meet various employers at their Head Offices or other affiliated establishments. It is desirable that the appointed person has their own transport for which they will be reimbursed for through, and inclusive of, the attendant subsistence allowance.





How to apply

To apply for this opportunity, please send an expression of interest  to UNISON Manchester University Healthcare Branch, International House, Ledson Road, Manchester M23 9GP. You can also e-mail applications to

You should clearly state how you believe you meet the criteria in Person Specification and Job Description as well as including practical examples.


- INTERVIEW DATE:19th November 2019



UNISON is the UK’s leading public services trade union, with over 1.3 million members working in the public sector, private, voluntary and community sectors and in the energy services.

UNISON is a dynamic, progressive union, committed to equality. We encourage men and women of all ages, Black and minority ethnic groups, disabled people, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to work with us





Unison – Manchester University Health Branch

Job Brief: Branch Organiser



UNISON is Britain’s largest public sector trade union, with over 1.3 million members working in the public services, private, voluntary and community sectors and in the energy services.

UNISON’s Manchester University Healthcare Branch is one of the union’s largest health branches in the North West, representing over 7000 members working primarily for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the Manchester Local Care Organisation, but also in a number of private contractors, voluntary organisations and national NHS bodies involved in the provision of healthcare in Manchester.

The branch was newly formed in January 2019, following the merger of UNISON’s Central Manchester Health branch and South Manchester Hospitals Branch.




The Branch Organiser is a key organising role in the region. It covers the key areas of organising and representation.

The Branch Organiser will, primarily, be managed by the Manchester University Health Branch Secretary. 


Organising:  The Branch Organiser will work in and across UNISON Manchester University Healthcare Branch to build up recruitment and organising initiatives and campaigns; support the Branch Secretary to train and develop stewards; support branch communications. They will also undertake casework under supervision, advising, supporting and mentoring newly appointed branch officers and stewards in representation and negotiation, providing help with case preparation and administration.

Organisations of specific local campaigns and events; prepare information briefings to support organising or bargaining campaigns and support press and public relations work in the area.

Representation:  The Branch Organiser will support the Branch Secretary and local activists with issues such as disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence meetings and all aspects of  membership representation. Also in collective negotiations, researching relevant agreements, writing up claims and making presentations and engaging with employers as required.

Main aims include:

  • Recruiting, organising and representing members.
  • Negotiating and bargaining on behalf of members and promoting equality.
  • Campaigning and promoting UNISON on behalf of members.
  • Developing an efficient and effective union.
  • Representation at disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence meetings and all other aspects of like membership representation.


The key objectives of the union as detailed in our Rule Book are to:

  • Enhance our organisational capability to meet the recruiting and organising challenge posed by austerity measures, including public spending cuts, workforce reductions and fragmentation of public services.
  • Protect and secure decent employment, pay and pensions for UNISON members promoting equality and challenging discrimination.
  • Develop our Million Voices for Public Services campaign in support of the quality public services and in defence of Local Government and the NHS, building our political influence and forging alliances with unions and community organisations.
  • Ensure that the union’s essential information and communication technology infrastructure and internal management systems are efficient and effective to meet the changing needs of our membership.

To further these aims the Branch Organiser must have a clear understanding of equalities and how to increase participation in a member based organisation, and how to use difference kinds of media to raise UNISON’S profile.  They will be highly focused on building the organisation and providing member satisfaction with the service provided.  They have enthusiasm and commitment which motivates lay activists, new stewards and members.

UNISON regions are currently undergoing a period of change to meet the union’s developing recruitment, organisation and campaigning agenda.  Post holders must be willing to change and adapt to help and support lay activists to do likewise.


See Job Description Below


UNISON– Manchester University Healthcare Branch

Branch Organiser

Manchester Based


Salary:  £36,820p.a. plus £2,736 subsistence allowance

Reports to:    UNISON Manchester Healthcare Branch Secretary



This post is key in supporting the branches to establish organising frameworks in the local area.  It covers organising and representation work as set out below.

Work Areas

    • Recruitment Planning and Campaigning
    • Membership mapping across Branches.
    • Organising and developing lay member organisation.
    • Mentoring and training new stewards.
    • Collective Bargaining on local workplace issues.
    • Developing stewards committees and local bargaining structures.
    • Developing systems to support organising.
    • Research and information to support campaigning.
    • Co-ordinating campaigns and activities.
    • Building Branch capacity e.g. systems, communications, press releases, newsletters, websites and building local and media profile.


  • Collective bargaining at workplace level that includes negotiating.
  • Shift rotas.
  • Working patterns
  • New working arrangements
  • Health & Safety issues.
  • Training and learning agreements.
  • Local facilities agreements.



  • Individual representation that covers:
  • Grievances
  • Disciplinary
  • Local workplace issues.
  • General advice and guidance to members.
  • Mentoring and building individual capacity of activists.


  • Undertakes other duties as required by the salary definition or job profile of this post commensurate with like UNISON posts


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