Bolton Councillor Email Template

Individual Councillors across Bolton Council have signed our Care Workers vs COVID-19 Campaign Pledge and a motion is going to full council on Wednesday 15 July with a view to the Council formally adopting the campaign.

In order for the motion to succeed, it will require support from parties across Bolton. Many Councillors have individually supported our campaign pledge – but we need to ensure these Councillors, and more, will support the motion going to full council.

We are therefore asking you, as a resident within Bolton borough, to call on your Councillor to support the Care Workers vs COVID-19 Motion.

Please feel free to write your own message to Councillors and talk about your own experience and concerns around social care and the importance of supporting the campaign. We have also provided a template below which you are welcome to use or adapt.

Dear Councillors,

I am writing to you as a resident within your ward to ask you to support the Care Workers vs COVID-19 Campaign Motion which is going full council on Wednesday 15 July.

Care workers are on the frontline in the struggle against COVID-19. During the crisis, the care workers of Bolton have put themselves at risk to protect and care for our most vulnerable residents. Official figures from the Office for National Statistics show that care workers are twice as likely to die from coronavirus than NHS staff.

Despite going above and beyond to care for our loved ones, most care workers only receive statutory sick pay of just £95 per week if they are ill or need to self-isolate or shield because of COVID-19. It is completely inadequate to support care workers and their families – and indeed many care workers have said they may have to attend work when ill as they could not afford to live off SSP. This hugely increases the risk of spreading infection.

Care workers should not have to choose between their own health or hardship – they need urgent action now to stop the spread of coronavirus and protect workers, service-users and the people of Bolton.

15 North West Councils are supporting the Care Workers vs COVID-19 Campaign or are delivering in line with the campaign commitments. I dearly hope that, as my representatives, you will show our care workers the same level of support and commitment.

Can you please confirm that you will be voting for the Care Workers vs COVID-19 Campaign Motion on 15 July?"

Find your councillors' contact details:

Thank you once again for your support and solidarity. Any action you are able to take to encourage your Councillors to support the motion would be greatly appreciated by the hundreds of dedicated care workers that care for our loved ones across Bolton every single day.

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