North West Black Members Committee

“In UNISON, ‘Black’ – with a capital B – is used to indicate people with a shared history. ‘Black’ is used in a broad political and inclusive sense to describe people in the UK who have suffered from colonialism and enslavement in the past and continue to experience racism and diminished opportunities in today’s society”.

The Committee aims to represent the views of Black Members within North West UNISON. We promote and encourage training for a Black Members within the Region.

We also wish to ensure that the Region challenges institutional racism wherever it exits.

Black Workers have been disproportionately affected by austerity suffering attacks on their jobs, pay and terms and conditions.

We are also witnessing the growth of the far right across the world as well as the UK. We are committed to being at the forefront of the anti-racist movement for equality and justice.

We need to be strong to resist these attacks. So, get involved!

To receive regular emails from the North West Black Members Committee please email [email protected]

You can contact the Chair, Ameen Hadi, [email protected]


The North West Unison Black members have developed a Racism at Work Tool Kit- We hope you will find this Tool kit easy to use, informative and inspire you to take action.

The North West Black Members Officers would like Branches to invite speakers to their AGMs to speak about this tool kit. If this is not possible, to your Branch Committee or other member meetings to discuss how they can support their Black Members and be part of the fight against racism.


To Link with National Black Members:



  • 5 pm Thursday 7th May( Hybrid Meeting)
  • AGM, 5pm Thursday 6th October