Bill Gill Tribute – Time to remember our own

3960ec248ca061a3b3d975fe0e515ac076d30248This week marks the passing of a great leader. It is with great affection and gratitude that we pay tribute to the belief, conviction and principle of an outstanding trade unionist from Cumbria in our Region.

Bill Gill, championed the cause of working people, the unemployed and the vulnerable. His commitment to collectivism and the trades union movement inspired a new generation of activists which ultimately helped the formation of UNISON in 1993.

Bill was a former NALGO President. He was passionate in striving to counter the effects of the literal Thatcher years and in ensuring that NALGO adopted progressive policies and pursued these within the TUC in support of unionised workers under threat.    

There is no controversy over Bill’s legacy. His name may not be universally recognised in modern social and networking times but his positive contribution to the rights of working people, now often viewed through the prism of individual rights rather than collective rights, has survived and endured. This is in stark contrast with the public’s perception  of the Thatcher years which eventually rejected the repressive and ‘one off’ sale of irreplaceable assets from which so many of our problems stem today.

Bill’s legacy is not in doubt – he enjoys the absolute love and respect of all those who knew him both as a genuinely decent person and totally committed trade unionist. His place in our hearts as a working class hero is assured. We salute the sacrifice his family made for us all and the tremendous loss they suffer now.

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