Asbestos in Schools

Following sustained lobbying by the trade unions and Asbestos in Schools (AiS)  group the House of Commons Education Committee is holding a one-off evidence session on Asbestos in Schools.  The date is to be confirmed.

The Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) will be giving evidence to the Education Select committee (via Chair of JUAC).  The next JUAC meeting on 14 February will be agreeing key issues to raise.  The Education Select committee is interested to receive JUAC views on such matters as:

  • the key issues around asbestos in schools;
  • what evidence exists concerning the impact of asbestos (in its various forms) on young people and school staff
  • whether current regulations and responsibilities for the management of asbestos in schools are adequate;
  • the impact of changes to capital building programmes on asbestos management in schools; and
  •  whether Government policy concerning asbestos in schools requires change
  • In the context of the above initial observations UNISON will be raising with JUAC for inclusion in the evidence is the following
  • to raise the technical evidence available and in particular that the misleading findings from the committee on Carcinogenicity’s the “Relative vulnerability of children to asbestos compared to adults” the misleading information provided by HSE to the DfE.
  • that consideration has to be given to the transient nature of employment in schools of schools staff. We have been asked to provide hard evidence on the numbers of support that have died from mesothelioma poisoning and that will have worked in a number of school settings

The committee would be pleased to receive written evidence from JUAC for consideration in advance of the hearing and UNISON will be working with the JUAC on the submission of joint evidence.  Any comments on this please contact [email protected] by 7 February 2013

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