Arthur Miller’s ‘The Hook’ at Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Amidst the political tensions of 1950s America, Arthur Miller’s play was suppressed by the FBI.


Wed 1 Jul to Sat 25 Jul
EVERYMAN Theatre, Liverpool

The story of a close-knit community grappling with a world of crime and punishment, of changing industry and immigration from abroad, The Hook is a study in integrity and betrayal.

Amidst the political tensions of 1950s America, Arthur Miller’s ’play for the screen’ was suppressed by the FBI for fear that it could cause unrest in New York’s dockyards.

Sixty years on, the dockyards of Brooklyn’s epic waterfront will come alive on the Everyman stage for this extraordinary story of Marty Ferrara, a longshoreman who challenges the mobsters and gangs of ’50s New York and takes a stand against the corruption he witnesses from the authorities who control the docks.

Resolute in his belief in the socialist ideals of fairness and equality, Marty refuses to back down, and the play follows his mission to reclaim the union from the mobsters and corrupt officials and place it back firmly in the hands of the workers

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Tickets cost £12-£20 and there is a 10% discount for trade union members.

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