Ambulance emergency


Ambulance staff in England are still waiting for the government to deliver on the promises they made in 2015. 

The government agreed to talk about pay and bandings for ambulance staff and look at the skills and experience paramedics currently use to get the job done, with a view to moving them to higher bands.  They also promised to look at the unique pressures placed on ambulance staff faced with an increasing retirement age.  Ambulance staff are still waiting.   

The Joint Ambulance Trade Unions (UNISON, GMB, Unite, RCN) are calling for:  

  • Fair pay for ambulance staff 

  • A safe and sensible retirement age

  •  Healthier happier staff = healthier happier patients

  •  Proper training, development and career progression for ambulance staff

You can link to the national campaign page here:

If you are a member of ambulance staff, please complete our survey here:






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