AFG in Rochdale: We demand a Living Wage now!

One Borough. One Job. One Payrate.

As care workers, we have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to support some of Rochdale’s most vulnerable residents.

To reward our dedication, Rochdale Council have offered increased funding to social care employers so they can pay us the Foundation Living Wage (£9.50 per hour).

Unfortunately, our employer Alternative Futures Group (AFG) have refused the funding increase and are continuing to pay us the National Minimum Wage (£8.91).

The additional funding offered by Rochdale Council is 80p per hour and is more than enough to cover the 59p required to increase our wages to the Foundation Living Wage. After all our dedication and commitment during the pandemic, we believe the Foundation Living Wage is the very least we deserve.

We call on AFG to accept the funding increase from Rochdale Council and give us an immediate uplift in pay to the Foundation Living Wage  

What you can do?


  1. If you are employed by AFG within Rochdale, please complete UNISON’s open letter to AFG. The letter will only be sent to AFG when a majority of our members have signed.  Sign the open letter here.

  2. Take a photo with our pledge card, share on social media, Twitter - @StandUpForSC and Facebook - @StandUpForSocialCare and send to [email protected].

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