Adapt to Win: Remote Organising Guide

Adapt to Win. The world has changed, it's time for our union and our organising techniques to change.

Even before the coronavirus crisis, the way UNISON members (and potential members) communicated had changed markedly in recent years. The pandemic and ensuing lockdown have sent this process of change into overdrive.

As a union, we experienced a membership surge in the early months of the lockdown. But as longer periods of time have passed without physical access to workplaces and without many traditional organising methods at our disposal, recruitment figures have begun to stall.

It's vital that we respond to this crisis swiftly and effectively to ensure that union recruitment and participation increases in the short and long-term. With that in mind, UNISON North West has developed the Adapt to Win- Remote Organising guide.

There have been some excellent examples of remote organising by branches within our region over recent months, but if we are to continue growing, these pioneering organising techniques must be adopted across our region.

Adapt to Win: Remote Organising Guide.

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