Workplace Digital Champions Workshop

Target audience:
Relevant to anyone supporting or training staff that may involve the use of ICT or E-learning. Relevant to Union Learning Reps or any staff introducing, demonstrating or explaining digital services to internal or external customers.


Entry Requirements:
Must be able to use a mouse and keyboard with confidence and have basic Internet navigation skills.


To introduce potential Workplace Digital Champions to techniques for supporting basic digital skills through Learn My Way and other selected resources. The Digital Champions can then support other staff and customers with digital awareness and access to digital services.


Objectives: At the end of this session, Workplace Digital Champions will have the ability to:

  • Register and explore Learn My Way to support others with basic digital skills
  • Identify issues that some staff and external customers may have using digital services 
  • Signpost staff to other learning opportunities 
  • Share good practice with other Digital Champions


To apply, please contact or phone Tom: 07817 121 628. There is no registration fee for this training.

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