The Organising Steward

The Organising Steward course has been designed for newly elected and less experienced UNISON stewards organising in the workplace. As a steward you are a vital link in the union chain and have an important role to play in organising members at local level The course is divided into modules - here's what we cover

Part 1: Who are we and what is this course about     

Activity 1: Introductions                                      

Activity 2: Public service trade unions in the 2010s  


Part 2 The workplace rep in UNISON

Activity 3: The role of the steward in UNISON         

Activity 4: The UNISON branch                             


Part 3 Getting everyone involved                

Activity 5: Equalities and organising  in UNISON      

Activity 6: Why equalities issues matter                         

Activity 7: Finding out about your workplace           

Activity 8: Organising in your workplace                 

Activity 9: Recruiting new members to UNISON               


Part 4 World at work                                      

Activity 10: Representing members                       

Activity 11: Meeting a member about a case                

Activity 12: Interview practice                              

Activity 13: Preparing and planning a case             

Activity 14: Following a case                        


Part 5 Getting on in UNISON                        

Activity 15: Sources of information and support              

Activity 16: Your next steps in UNISON                  

Activity 17: When should I ask for help?                


Part 6 UNISON in the wider world              

Activity 18: Achieving change and tackling inequality       

Activity 19: Trained and active!                            

Activity 20: Developing your action plan                 


The courses take place over 5 days usually 1 day a week for 5 weeks in locations around the region-9.30-4pm each day lunch provided

If you prefer to learn online Start dates for the course in 2016 are

  • 12 January - 23 February 2016 
  • 19 April – 7 June 2016 
  • 19 September – 7 November 2016 

Each course consists of approximately 30 hours, approximately 5-7 hours per week.

Here’s the longer direct link:


Before you come on the Organising Steward Course however – you should

  • talk to your branch mentor about the jobs you could be doing in the workplace
  •  look at the UNISON enote for new stewards –


and once you have completed the simple registration procedure you will have access to all our enotes – (45 mins of onscreen learning which can be taken in 3, 15 min session


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