Engie Salford

Protecting the staff that protect you!

Why is this important?

It shouldn’t be too much to ask that hospital workers get the agreed NHS rates of pay.

But here on site at Salford Royal (and Pennine Acute) there is a hidden workforce earning well below Agenda for Change rates of pay and on lower terms and conditions than other Trust staff.

As Engie security guards we put ourselves in danger every day and work tirelessly to keep staff, patients and the public safe. But we earn well below the NHS rates. Some of us are on the minimum wage. This is plainly unfair!

We have been seeking to resolve this for well over a year, but to no avail. In the absence of progress, we held a UNISON ballot of Engie security staff at Salford Royal and voted unanimously to take strike action to fight for fair pay for all. 

What do we want?

We want Engie to pay us all the full NHS Agenda for Change rate for the job.

What action do we have planned?

We have served notice for a three day strike beginning on Wednesday 6 November.

If Engie do not offer us what we're owed then we will take further action in future.

How can you help?

Please attend picket lines to support us during the upcoming strike days. 

Sign our petition- if you work on site, head to the branch office to ask for a copy to sign or email unison@srft.nhs.uk

Please send messages of support for the security guards to unison@srft.nhs.uk

Keep your eyes out for details of a demo which will follow in the coming weeks.

Post messages of support on social media: please tag @NorthWestUNISON

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