The Law at Work


Over five  days  (one day a week for 5 weeks) you will cover the  law on

  • Recognition
  • Discrimination
  • Maternity and Paternity rights
  • Contract;
  • Dismissals;
  • Reorganisations and Redundancy,
  • Industrial Action
  • TUPE
  • Political funds and Docas/Trade Union Bill (see Regional convenor at a public meeting about the bill in the pictures above)

You will be expected to attend all 5 days of the course - your tutor will discuss with the group the order in which you take the subjects

In addition to the courses below our national centre run an annual programme  of follow on courses for the more experienced rep - in 2016 there are Contracts, Redundancy and TUPE + Disability Discrimination + Maternity and Parental Rights + Race and Sex Discrimination + Unfair Dismissals and Employment Tribunals

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